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I have a flat roof that I wish to convert to use a pitched roofing system. Is Metrotile suitable?

A Metrotile roof is not only suitable, it’s ideal for a flat to pitch conversion. Metrotile profiles can be installed to a very low pitch - 10 degrees for all profiles apart from Shingle, that can be installed down to a 15 degree pitch. The lightweight of a Metrotile system also means that the profiles can be hoisted onto a rooftop very easily. For more on using Metrotile for flat to pitch conversions, visit this page.

Are there any conditions for the Forty Year Guarantee?

Yes - the roof either needs to be installed by an approved Metrotile contractor OR a Metrotile representative can visit to approve the guarantee for DIY installations. Metrotile Customer Care works hard every step of the way to ensure your installation goes smoothly and the end result is suitable for approval.

Is a Metrotile roof difficult to maintain?

Absolutely not. Once installed, a Metrotile roof requires nearly zero maintenance and is guaranteed weatherproof for forty years.

Explain how Metrotile requires reduced transport costs compared to other roof products?

Compared to traditional roofing materials, Metrotile is one seventh of the weight and only .450mm thick (or .900mm thick for the Metrotile Secure Solution profiles). This means that one truckload of Metrotile profiles can offer the same roof coverage as seven truckloads of traditional roof materials. This also means less carbon dioxide emissions and less strain on the environment.

Is there technical back-up?

Absolutely - from general enquiries to a full specification service, from assistance via site visits and on-site training, Metrotile is with you every step of the way before, during and after your rooftop installation.

What steel is used for the manufacture of Metrotile products?

Metrotile uses Z185 quality steel, the highest quality available to our industry. Each tile offers unparalleled strength and higher performance than traditional materials

What is the lowest pitch Metrotile profiles can be used on?

Metrotile profiles can be used down to a 15 degree pitch for Metrotile shingle, and 10 degrees for Metrotile bond, Slate, and Roman profiles.

Is a steel roof fire-safe?

Steel roofing is classified as a non-combustible roofing material (Class A). In new construction and in many re-roofing applications the metal roofing system is a class A non-combustible roof assembly.

I expect a Metrotile roof to be noisy in the rain. Is that the case?

No - a Metrotile roof is far removed from the corrugated metal roofs of old. Noise is prevented from leaking into the home by the stone coating compound on each profile, in addition to the Vapour Permeable Underlay fitted beneath the tile. Tests demonstrate that a Metrotile roof is no louder than a roof made from other materials. Sound testing documentation can be downloaded from here.

I have read that Metrotile has been tested in extreme weather conditions – is there testing to back this claim up?

Absolutely - Metrotile roofs have been tested in such extreme conditions as cyclone testing in Japan and wind testing in California. For testing documentation, visit our Certifications and Testing page.