Case Study

Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Case Study

The beautiful island of Fair Isle is a renowned bird watching spot located off Scotland’s north east coast and home to Metrotile UK’s first Photovoltaic installation project.

As Fair Isle is detached from the National Grid it has always been powered by a combination of generators and renewable resources, such as wind power. So when a new observatory building was touted, the implementation of sustainable and renewable energy resources was an essential part of the design process.

The result was an observatory that utilised modern methods of construction; the 32 individual pods that would combine to form the building were built off-site, utilising Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that were transported to Fair Isle by land and sea before being craned into position, creating an observatory that also provides accommodation for the Fair Isle bird watching community.

The Metrotile Photovoltaic System was chosen as the lightweight nature of the product enabled for swift transportation to site and a fast installation of the building, while the 100 Photovoltaic panels power the round the clock ventilation and lighting at the observatory.

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Fair Isle Bird Observatory during construction

Key Points

  • A state of the art modular building, fabricated off-site.
  • Metrotile roofing protects against Fair Isle's harsh weather
  • Photovoltaic panels generate energy for the building

Tile Profile: Slate .900 Roof Tile

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