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Metrotile prides itself on innovation and pushing the lightweight steel roofing market forward. The flat-to-pitch sector is tremendously important to us, as Metrotile roofing’s combination of low weight and high durability means our tiles are ideal for this project type.  It is with this in mind that we present our  strategic partnership with industry-leading steel frame manufacturers Ash & Lacy to present Metroframe: a flexible over roofing system that accommodates a variety of tile effect finishes above a lightweight steel framing. s-03-hr-rgb Ash & Lacy provides the ideal solution for both new build and refurbishment projects. Metrotile roofing offers unsurpassed security against vandalism and the elements with stunning aesthetics with just one-seventh of the weight of traditional roofing materials, while the lightweight steel framed construction delivers minimal loads to the substructure, whilst creating a pitched roof over existing flat roofs, framed structures, or modular construction. Ash & Lacy can offer a range of framing solutions based on kit form, pre-assembled and full spanning truss options, and provide a specification writing & detailing service. Their designs are tailored to specific project requirements, and are manufactured bespoke following completion of their structural design. Features & benefits include: • CE Marked (both frame and covering) a legal requirement under Construction Products Regulations – Europe wide. • Provides a permanent solution to flat roof  failure • Systems individually designed to suit structural requirements • Cost-effective system, which can be designed to suit budgetary constraints • Minimal disruption to building occupants • Dramatic improvement to building Aesthetics • Provides opportunity to upgrade thermal performance • Life of building considerably extended and future maintenance costs reduced • Ideal for both new and refurbishment projects, as a lightweight alternative to timber trusses • Insurance backed latent defects warranty available • The perfect roof solution for modular “off-site” building construction. • Full solar PV support •  BBA Approved Performance across both  Metrotile and Ash & Lacy’s products •  Ash & Lacy and Metrotile’s product ranges are  both LABC Registered •  NBS Plus specification and free BIM objects from the National BIM Library available •  Metrotile roofing guaranteed for 40 years Flat roofs fail for a variety of reasons, mostly related to the life expectancy of the roof covering and the presence of standing water. Over a period of time, water will accelerate the deterioration of a roof covering, and leaks will become apparent. Once water has penetrated the waterproof layer, the insulation below becomes saturated, and it’s thermal performance is dramatically reduced. Left unchecked, the ingress of water will create other problems such as staining of ceiling tiles, and will ultimately result in a complete failure of the roof as a whole. There are many refurbishment options available, at relatively low initial cost, but most provide only short-term solutions to the problem, and provide no improvement to the performance of the roof. It is also possible that short-term solutions will lead to more expensive repairs in the future. To find out more about the Metroframe steel frame system from Ash & Lacy, you can contact us. The Metroframe product guide can also be downloaded from the column on the right hand of this page. You can also visit for more information about their products and services.