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Metrotile is devoted to manufacturing roofing materials of the highest quality and thanks to the rigorous testing of our products, we are able to offer our Forty Year Weatherproof guarantee. Our lightweight roof tile profiles are fully accredited by the British Board of Arément and as Metrotile is a worldwide product, our tiles are tested against extreme weather - from cyclical freeze-thaw conditions in Japan, to extreme wind uplift testing in California. In addition, our factory is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited, due to the state-of-the-art water recycling system used there. All of this adds up to make a roof system that leaves so-called 'traditional' roof materials in the dust. On this page you can find tests for extreme weather, our ISO 14001 certificate plus downloadable reports from: Pinnacle is a leading consultancy providing Civil and Structural Engineering services. For more information about Pinnacle, you can visit their website www.adviceyoucanbuildon.com   The UK's leading construction industry approval and certification service, recognised through every area of the industry including government departments, specifiers and architects. For more information, visit their website www.bbacerts.co.uk

Our certifications

BBA: Metrotile Bond

BBA: Metrotile Slate

BBA: Metrotile Shingle

BBA: Metrotile Roman

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Structural Engineer Report: 8m Span Residential Trusses

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Structural Engineer Report:12m Span Steel Frame Roof

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Structural Engineer Report: 10m Span Residential Trusses

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Cyclone Test Report

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Rain Impact Testing Report

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ISO 14001