What is the average lifespan of a conservatory roof?

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal Burnt Umber

The average lifespan of a conservatory roof will depend on a range of factors, including its positioning, the climate, the workmanship and, most importantly, the materials used. While you may have limited control when it comes to the location of your conservatory or the weather conditions it must withstand, the choice is all yours when it comes to deciding what materials to use and who installs your conservatory roof.


How long do glass and uPVC conservatory roofs last?

Most glass and uPVC conservatory roofs have short lifespans. While it varies, the experts usually estimate a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. This is because they tend to be damaged by harsh weather conditions or through general wear and tear. They can also be damaged during maintenance and repairs, which need to be carried out regularly. Failure to maintain this type of conservatory roof is likely to affect its longevity.


Glass and uPVC conservatory roofs are also prone to condensation build-up, which can lead to damp and mould inside your conservatory. It can also be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in a conservatory with either a glass or uPVC roof as they tend to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter.


How long do solid, tiled conservatory roofs last?

Solid conservatory roofs tend to have much longer lifespans, averaging at around 50 years, but lasting longer in many cases. This is because a tiled conservatory roof is much sturdier and durable, fending off bad weather more effectively. As it requires virtually no maintenance, the ongoing costs are significantly reduced and damage while repair work is carried out is far less common as it rarely needs to be done.


Tiled conservatory roofs make it much easier to control the room temperature, cutting energy bills and preventing condensation. If you’re worried about blocking out light, you can have Velux windows installed for added light and ventilation.


Solid roofing at Metrotile

Tiled conservatory roofing is a wise investment, allowing you to make the most of your conservatory all year round, cutting out most of the external cleaning and maintenance, and adding aesthetic appeal. A solid roof could even increase the value of your conservatory, and therefore your home, should you wish to sell in the future.


At Metrotile we offer a 40-year weatherproof guarantee on our lightweight roof tiles, ensuring that your conservatory will stand the test of time. For more information, contact Metrotile today by filling in our contact form or you can call us on 01249 658 514.