How Do You Avoid Solar Panels Becoming Loose?

PGL Liddington Timber Frame Accommodation with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing in Bond Charcoal with retrofit Photovoltaic System

Having solar panels on your roof is becoming increasingly popular. After all, they are environmentally friendly and keep energy costs down plus, despite common belief, they work in all types of weather even if the sun isn’t shining.

Rain actually helps keep them free of dirt and dust, so is actually a beneficial element. However, while your home can benefit from the addition of solar panels whatever the climate, you do have to ensure they don’t become loose. If a solar panel falls from your roof, it could cause serious damage and potentially injure someone.

What To Watch Out For

Preventing your solar panels from becoming loose is simpler than you might think. Solar panels come in many different types and you should always carry out regular checks to make sure they are installed correctly. Depending on the type of solar panels you have, you can check they are secure in a number of different ways.

Some solar panels are fitted with a mounting system; these are metal railings designed to keep the panels secure. While integrated solar panels, on the other hand, fit more snugly along your roof, using the same principles as roofing tiles. These are often thought to be the more attractive type of solar panel as they offer one solar panel fitting rather than a clunky panel installed on top.

Both types of solar panels are designed to be water and weather tight but you should carry out regular checks on the panels, to make sure they are still securely held in place. Integrated panels fit closely together, so checking to make sure they are secure is a simple straight forward process.

Integrated photovoltaic tiles, like the ones we use at Metrotile, don’t need nails or mounting systems as they fit onto the rooftop directly.

Professional Installation

Solar panels are designed to withstand even severe weather conditions and if they do become loose, it is most commonly because of poor installation. So you need to make sure you go to a professional firm if you want to have solar panels installed on your roof.

Getting the necessary qualifications to be able to professionally install solar panels requires a lot of time and training. So you should make sure the roofer you use holds the right qualifications and training so you can rest assured that the installation will be done efficiently.

Our Metrotile Photovoltaic Installation Service

While all types of solar panel installations are designed to be strong and secure, our Metrotile integrated Photovoltaic tiles are designed to interlock together. By fitting close to the roof surface and not needing a mounting system, these tiles will be much more firm and secure fitting.

This will help you ensure your solar panels achieve maximum security when they are installed. Because they fit together more closely than other types of solar panels, they are much less prone to becoming loose.

So remember to ensure your solar tiles are installed by a professional firm, and always carry out regular checks. Plus if you really want to ensure your tiles will have maximum security, then consider integrated photovoltaic tiles, like those you’ll find at Metrotile. For more information on our PV tiles, call us on 01249 658 514 or fill in our contact form.