What is the best colour for a metal roof?

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Choosing a colour for your metal roof requires many practical and aesthetic considerations if you want to achieve the best overall effect. Here are some of the elements to take into account before you make your choice.


Is it in keeping with the rest of your property?


If you are only replacing part of your roof, for example an extension, it is important that the tiles you choose are of a similar or complementary colour. Bright colours next to traditional slate, for example, might look a little odd.


If your property is an old farmhouse, you may wish to stick to more traditional greys or browns. If it’s a modern property, you may have more flexibility in terms of colour with greens and reds among the options, although choosing a colour that is fashionable now but might not be in a few years’ time may not be a good idea. If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, think about what prospective buyers might be looking for.


Do you live in a warm or cold climate?


If you live in a hot climate, you may find a light-coloured roof more energy-efficient as it will reflect light more effectively than a darker roof, helping to keep your home cool without relying on air conditioning. If your property is in a cooler climate and is cold even during the summer, it may be best to choose a darker colour as it will absorb heat from the sun to help keep your home warm.


What materials are you planning to use?


If you’re using traditional slate you will find that the colour options are very limited, while concrete and artificial slate roof tiles come in a variety of shades. If you want your property to stand out, it might be worth opting for a manmade material.


Will you be adding solar panels or windows?


If you are adding accessories such as solar panels or windows, this may be worth taking into account when you think about colours. You may wish to match the colour as closely as possible to your solar panels so they are partially disguised, or you may wish to use contrasting colours with your windows to make them a special feature. Adding solar panels could help to reduce energy prices, while adding windows will give added light, so both are worth considering.


Get the colour you want with a Metrotile


Metrotile offers a broad range of tile types in a variety of colours. You can choose more traditional charcoal, bronze or ebony, or opt for brighter shades of red, green or terracotta. We can talk you through your options so that you get the right type of artificial slate for your property in the desired colour. Our lightweight tiles are made from the highest-quality steel, ensuing durability and great aesthetics.


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