Choosing a unique tile profile

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal Burnt Umber

Roof tiles are an absolute essential when it comes to designing and building a roof. However, there’s a wide range of ways you can go about tiling your roof, one of the best ways to go about this is by using unique tile profiles.

We supply a wide range of these unique profiles and they’ll help give your roof a unique and stylish finish while also distinguishing your property from the others surrounding it.

The roof is often ignored when it comes to designing your home, which is a shame because it can make a big impact. All our specialist profiles are made from thin steel, so they are very lightweight and will help you reduce carbon emissions.

Compared to the more traditional concrete tiles, our specialist tile profiles will be much greener and environmentally friendly, let’s take a closer look at each of the great designs we have available.

Metrotile Classic

With sharp clean lines and defined slopes, our Metrotile Classic is a more traditional style roofing tile, with a dark colouring. The slanted edges give your roof added depth and will elegantly highlight your roof.

Metrotile Woodshake

With a more natural and rustic look, our Metrotile Woodshake tile profiles offer a more simplistic design. These will be sure to make your roof stand out and will look stylish on commercial properties as well as regular homes and dwellings. They are even available in a range of lighter and darker colours.

Metrotile Mistral

With a traditional European concave design, our Metrotile Mistral roofing profiles offer a dynamic design that will be sure to stand out. Their design offers subtle curves and strong edges that form together to create an elegant roofing profile that will beautifully highlight any roof.

Metrotile Romana

Based on centuries of Mediterranean architecture our Romana Metrotile roofing profiles look amazing! Their round convex design offers a smooth and stylish finish that looks amazing in both bright and dark colours.

Metrotile Gallo

The Metrotile Gallo offers another new twist on traditional Mediterranean designs, featuring smaller round curves with strong straight lines and edges. This roofing profile will enhance any roof and add a high-quality finish to any property.

With five amazing and unique designs to choose from our stylish tile profiles will look amazing on any property. And thanks to their stainless-steel construction you’ll get a stylish finish and be able to ensure more environmentally friendly results.

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