Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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One of the most basic functions of any home is to protect us from the elements, so when water starts making its way through your roof it is never good. Accurately identifying the cause of the leak makes solving the problem much faster, so if water is getting into your home there are some basic checks you can make. Here are some of the most common problem areas to look at.


Broken tiles

Perhaps the number one cause of leaking roofs is cracked or missing tiles. If the problem tile is quickly found, fixing this can be relatively simple and cheap, but the longer the problem is left, the worse it is likely to get. Not only can water penetrating the tile cause damage to the membrane and batons underneath, if a tile is missing it can allow wind to penetrate the roof, making other tiles more likely to lift and fall from the roof.

Damaged flashings

Flashings are thin pieces of metal or plastic that help seal the joints between your roof and the external walls supporting it. If these become damaged, water can get into the house and may also penetrate the walls, causing damp. Problems with your flashings can often be identified by the presence of wet spots around the top of your walls where they join the roof.

Cracked valleys

Anywhere that two downward sloping sections of roof meet and form a valley will tend to collect a lot of water. A correctly designed roof will take account of this by having the valley properly sealed and angled so that the water runs out into your gutters. However, in a poorly designed or old roof suffering from wear and tear, these valleys can be compromised allowing water to penetrate the roof.

Faulty vents

Roof vents are an important way to help prevent condensation in your roof space, but if poorly fitted or damaged can become an easy route into your home for rain. Roof vents are normally fitted near the base of your roof and at the apex, so if you are finding the water leaking through in either of these areas it is well worth checking your vents.

Poorly fitted skylights

Skylights offer a fantastic way to allow more light into our homes and to help convert a loft into living space. However, it not fitted correctly, or if the sealant around them has begun to degrade they can begin to leak. Fortunately if this is the cause of the problem it is normally fairly obvious as the water will tend to be found around the skylight and resealing is usually relatively easy.


When a roof is leaking, the chimney might not be the first place you would think to look. However, if the chimney or any flashing around it is cracked this can provide an easy route in for rainwater.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are designed to carry water safely away from your roof, but when they become clogged water will tend to pool in certain areas. The longer water sits on your roof, the more time it has to make its way through any existing cracks or wear away at the fabric of the roof creaking new problems.

While some leaks can be fixed relatively easily, others require more serious action. If your roof is past the point of economical repair, it makes sense to invest in a hardwearing, cost-effective solution that will keep your home dry for decades. Metrotile’s lightweight roofing products are up to seven times lighter than traditional materials, but significantly more robust than many of them, requiring minimal maintenance. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 40 year weatherproof guarantee on all of our core range.

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