Conservatory Refurbishments, Before & After

conservatory roofs with Metrotile lightweight roofing

Metrotile Sales Manager for Scotland, Rod Glen, has captured before & after images of two recent Metrotile conservatory refurbishments in Scotland.

The improvements to both projects is obvious from the images above  alone. First is a project in Edinburgh, and the aesthetic improvements immediately stand out, with the brand new Metrotile Shingle roof in Antique Red complimenting the surrounding countryside and trees.

The images here fully illustrate one of the most important benefit of utilising Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing for a conservatory – the ability to install full roof insulation without compromising the foundations and structure.

Metrotile’s lightweight steel roofing makes the idealconservatory roof replacement. Our products are up to seven times lighter than traditional materials, meaning they can replace your existing conservatory roof without the need for major structural changes. As well as being light, our roofs are also strong and durable and we offer a 40 year weatherproof guarantee so you can have complete peace of mind.

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