How do you design the perfect conservatory?

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal

Designing the perfect conservatory isn’t easy, there’s lot of things you have to take into account when designing one. But with careful planning, you can build your dream conservatory and create a space to comfortably enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Conservatories have a number of benefits, for starters they essentially give you a new room which means more storage space. A conservatory will also be sure to add value to your property and because of its design, you can enjoy all the health boosting effects of natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight will help you in a number of ways and it’s a great source of vitamin D, you’ll also be able to enjoy nature and the sun without exposing yourself to high temperatures. Conservatories have many great benefits and you can maximize them with a little careful planning.

Type of Conservatory

Conservatories come in many forms, a traditional conservatory is mainly made of glass and can feature a glass or solid roof. While these might be the traditional choice, they can get very hot due to all the glass, although this can offset in a number of ways.

Dwarf-wall conservatories are similar in design to a traditional conservatory but they have a miniature wall surrounding the bottom half of the conservatory. This will reduce the amount of glass involved making the conservatory cooler as well as giving you more privacy.

Lastly, you have an orangery, these are more expensive than the traditional conservatory and are designed more like home extensions. They have a solid base, more brickwork, a solid plaster roof and they are designed to be more luxurious spaces.

Position against your home

Conservatories are usually seen on the back of a house, but while that might be the traditional choice you have plenty of options available to you. A rear conservatory will give you great views of your back garden and because of the larger space, the building work will usually be easier.

Side-facing conservatories can look like more natural home extensions, especially if you go for a miniature wall conservatory. A front facing conservatory might not always be possible if your house is close to the road, but if you have space then it’s a perfectly viable option.

Remember the way your conservatory is facing will also have an impact, north and east facing conservatories get less sunlight but will be more comfortable in the mornings and evenings. However, they may get cold in the cooler autumn and winter months, so you’ll have to make sure you properly insulate your conservatory to combat this.

West and south facing conservatories will be much hotter than the other positions but they can get overly hot especially in the summer and spring afternoons. So, make sure you have the proper ventilation to be able to ensure maximum comfort.


You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to the glass you use for your conservatory, heat reflective glass will help keep energy costs down and will even give your windows a darker tint.

There’s also a wide range of stronger, toughened safety glasses which will be much more difficult to penetrate as well as be more resistant to shattering.

Self-cleaning glass is another popular alternative, this glass as a thin photocatalytic coating which breaks down dirt when it’s hit by UV rays. Self-cleaning glass can also be formed with heat resistant glass so you’ll get extra energy efficiency and cleaning the conservatory will be even easier.

Lastly, most types of glass will have a range of finishes, this will give you extra privacy and can be used to give your conservatory a more dynamic look. Frosted glass, in particular, is a common choice and will provide you with a more private space.


You might not notice it at first but your conservatory’s roof can be one of its most dynamic features! And there’s a wide range of different roofing options available, a solid roof is a more modern choice and will give your conservatory a more contemporary look and help keep out the cold.

Metrotile will provide a solid roof service which can be used to transform any pre-existing conservatory roof. Plus, you have a wide range of tiling options with a solid roof that you won’t find anywhere else.

A roof made of glass is a more traditional option, they may allow more heat to pass through but they can also cause your conservatory to become more easily overheated in the summer or lose too much heat in the winter.

A polycarbonate roof may look similar to a glass roof in theory but it won’t be as effective as a glass roof when it comes to letting in the UV rays. You can also get strengthened and reinforced roofing systems that will stand up to even the most ferocious weather.

There’s a lot to consider when buying a conservatory, but with careful planning, you can ensure you’ll always be comfortable. Remember to take your local climate into account and think carefully about what you’re going to use your conservatory for.

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