Designing and building a garden room

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There really is no better way to bring the outdoors in than a garden room. These stylish rooms are the latest craze and the great thing about them is that they can be designed and built to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes.

They can be extensions of your property or completely separate outdoor buildings. When it comes to designing a garden room you have plenty of options. You could have a brick and stone extension with (conservatory like) glass windows or a simple and elegant timber structure at the opposite end of your garden.

There are lots of different features to consider when it comes to designing a garden room, but before we take a more detailed look at those, let’s examine the many benefits of having a garden room. Garden rooms aren’t new but they have had a boom in popularity recently and when you see the benefits of having one you’ll understand why.

The benefits of having your own garden room

A garden room isn’t just a stylish home extension or garden feature, it gives you the perfect place to hide away and escape. If you have a busy family home then you can use a garden room as your own personal hideaway.

They are also very flexible rooms that can be used for a wide range of purposes. You could have a mini gym set up, a reading space or maybe even your own private cinema.

The possibilities are endless and the benefits are many, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits having your own garden room.

  • It’s a great place to relax and unwind away from your house
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Is a great way to observe nature without exposing yourself to the elements
  • Can be designed to suit any tastes from traditional to modern
  • Can be an extension of your home or a completely separate structure
  • Will be sure to add value to any property

And that’s just a small sample of the benefits having your own garden room could bring you. While they may look similar to conservatories and orangeries, a garden room is more flexible and doesn’t require the same care and maintenance.

Design features to consider

There’s a lot of different design features to consider when it comes to building a garden room, you’ll need to think carefully about each of the following points.

Garden rooms are certainly flexible but they require a lot of careful planning, our handy list of features will help outline all the things you need to consider.

Position in the garden

Garden rooms are very versatile and can be positioned almost anywhere in your garden. You could have one built attached to your property similar to a conservatory or have it at the far end of your garden.

The position of your garden room is very important because it will impact its size and design, if you want it built onto your property then you will likely have limited room.

But if you have a big enough garden then building it as a separate structure could give you a lot more room to experiment with different designs and sizes. So think carefully before deciding where exactly you want your garden room to be.

What’s its purpose?

Garden rooms can be used for all kinds of things, you might simply just want a quiet place to relax and to unwind or might want a place to safely indulge in whatever hobbies you have.

There really are limitless possibilities, but you’ll have to design your garden room with its main purpose in mind. If you’re planning on using it as a private home cinema for example then you’ll need to ensure it’s big enough and can accommodate any electrical equipment.

So think carefully about what you plan on using your garden room for when having the designs drawn up.

What materials to use?

When it comes to garden rooms there’s one material that you’re very likely to see and that’s timber. While it might be traditional and not the most exciting it does the job well and can create striking garden rooms.

Timber is available in wide range of different types and finishes and it’s also very easy to recolour, so if you have a particular look or colour in mind there will likely be a paint that can do the job. Other alternative materials include brick and metal and some more luxurious garden rooms will use a mixture of materials.

Window placement

Garden rooms can sometimes have big open windows that cover nearly a whole wall (like a conservatory) or just small miniature ones.

It really all depends on what you’re looking for, if you want a more private room then you can opt for smaller windows, but make sure you take the heat and weather into account as larger windows will give you more comfort in the heat.

The roof

A garden room’s roof can take many forms and is an important feature to consider and there are lots of factors to take into consideration. The size, style, and materials used to build your garden room will all have an impact on the design and style of roofs available.

One popular roofing solution is lightweight steel roof tiles, these go great with timber garden rooms as due to their light weight they don’t put too much stress on the structure. They also come in a range of colours and styles. Metrotile’s lightweight roofing tiles are perfect for the job and will be sure to look stylish and add security to any garden room’s roof.

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