How to Get More Natural Light in your Home

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The benefits of natural light are instinctively obvious to us; we feel more alert, energised and yet relaxed, so it’s no surprise that we gravitate to areas of natural light. There have even been several studies that prove the health benefits, such as the regulatory effect it has on our sleep-wake cycles, body temperature and hormone release, and is also our main source of vitamin D.
Unsurprisingly architects are putting a greater emphasis on incorporating sun friendly elements into the design of new builds, but there are also a few options for updating existing buildings. As well as the health benefits, these can improve electricity costs by reducing our dependence on artificial light and improving CO2 emissions as a result.


Making the most of direct light through your roof is one of the best ways to flood light into your home. Skylights also have the added bonus of increasing ventilation on hot days, whilst improvements in technology have reduced their heat loss in the winter with optional triple glazing. Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant, so the dramatic increase from a skylight can also improve damp and mildew, which can cause respiratory problems from a build-up of bacteria.



Sun Tunnels

Another brilliant way to bring light into your home is with sun tunnels, sometimes referred to as sun tubes. These work by fitting a tube from the roof through to the desired room with a highly reflective surface on the inside which intensifies the light, channelling it into your home. The tube ends in the ceiling with a frosted casing that glows in the light with a strength equal to a 300 watt bulb. Even on a completely overcast day you can achieve a light equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb. To estimate the wattage you can achieve in your home, Velux have created this calculator to help you.
They are a brilliant option for any room but particularly those with limited window light, such as bathrooms and hallways, reducing your electricity bills by effectively providing an unlimited supply of free light bulbs. They can be installed in almost any home as you don’t need to alter the roof framing, so they can be used with existing buildings as well as new builds. They can also service rooms a surprising distance from the roof, with distances around six metres being perfectly achievable, although the light intensity does decrease the longer the tunnel.
Natural Light for Outdoor Buildings
If you don’t require the insulation or ventilation of sun tunnels and skylights, for instance in garages, sheds and outbuildings, we make clear tiles to fit with our slate and bond profiles. They are made from highly durable Perspex, which provides a secure and cost effective way of letting in natural light.
We have developed Metrotile products to seamlessly incorporate modern technology, so we are official distributers of Velux skylights and sun tunnels, and also produce our own photovoltaic tiles too make further use of the sun and reduce energy costs. Take a look at the website to find out more about our steel roofing systems and our commitment to providing greener roofing solutions.