Lightweight Roof Tiles for Conservatories

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal

Conservatories are a great addition to many homes as they provide an extra room that is light, airy and can be useful for multiple purposes. They are a cost-effective method of adding an office, play room or another type of room into a home.


However, some of the issues that arise from having a conservatory include difficulty maintaining the ideal temperature, brightness and noise. These problems can usually be improved or fixed by installing a durable, insulated but also lightweight roof. It’s possible to retrofit a tiled roof on conservatory that was built with a glass one.


Here are some of the reasons why lightweight roof tiles are the perfect option for a conservatory roof.



Thermally insulated roofs are a top choice for homeowners with conservatories, as traditionally, they have been built with glass roofs which means that in winter they can feel cold and in summer, particularly hot. Glass is not a good insulater so opting for roof tiles can help remedy this issue and provide warmth in the winter season.

Roof tiles such as Metrotile reflect heat from the sun and can help with warmth retention which can help you save money on energy bills, by reducing the requirement to turn on the heating.



Lightweight roof tiles ensure that the roof stays within the tolerances of the frame and base of the building structure. This is a key consideration when choosing the roof material of your conservatory as typically, using traditional slate or clay tiles can put significant strain on the supporting structure of a conservatory.


Greater durability

Condensation is a problem that is typical of conservatories, especially in colder weather. The reason is that the conservatory is likely to be colder than other rooms in the house, so when air comes in from the home, the water vapour in the air cools down and turns back into liquid in the form of condensation.


Metrotile tiles are made from lightweight steel which have the ability to last longer than other types of tile. This is due to steel being durable and better able to resist the effects of harsh weather conditions, compared with other materials.


Cheaper and quicker installation

It is actually possible to lay roof tiles over the top of an existing conservatory roof if you used lightweight ones. This makes installation quicker and easier, ensuring that you don’t compromise on security or the look of the conservatory.


This method of laying tiles on top of the existing roof is possible due to the tiles being light enough for the structure to withstand the weight of the roof. Lightweight roof tiles generally make a positive difference when it comes to reducing installation time for a roof as they’re easy to manoeuvre when fitting them, so you can get the job done quicker.


Less noise

Glass is thin and doesn’t do a very good job of soundproofing a room, therefore, noise from outside can be heard more easily in conservatories. By adding a tiled roof, you are effectively insulating the conservatory and providing a layer of protection from external noise. Using thick insulated curtains can also help.


Lightweight roof tiles from Metrotile


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