Are metal roofing panels good for the environment?

Sustainable living is an increasingly popular idea for many and the reason why property owners are always looking at new ways in which they can make their property eco-friendly. There are a number of things that can be done to enhance sustainable living: one of which, is metal roofing.

Long lifespan

A metal roof will last around two to three times longer than traditional roofs and, because the metal is malleable, it can be made to fit without breaking. In fact, a metal roof can last for around 60 years with very little upkeep and this gives homeowners a considerable amount of financial savings because of the small requirement for repairs and replacement.

Great efficiency

A metal roof system offers high solar reflectivity and emissivity levels and this can alleviate urban heat island effects.  To add to this, the coatings used on other types of roofing offered a considerable decrease in reflectance especially when it is considered that metal roofing retains a high percentage of its solar reflectance over time. Even when a metal roof is painted it will still offer excellent reflectivity but it does offer more efficiency when left unpainted. In fact, choosing the right colour will help to reduce energy costs too, with white or light-coloured metal roofs reducing spending by around 20% while making the home up to 60 degrees cooler.


Recycling is an important part of life these days and metal roofing falls into that category perfectly. In fact, it is so recyclable, many eco-friendly enthusiasts opt for a metal roof because of this reason alone. A wide range of metal roofs consist of as much as 40% recycled steels although the entire roof is recyclable itself. This gives a metal roof an increased recyclability and the ability to be reused – something that cannot be said about other forms of roofing. Redundant metal roofs will never make it to landfill.


Transporting goods around the country is something that can cause significant damage to the environment. The millions of vehicles that move goods around all contribute to pollution which in turn affects the environment. Many manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to reduce packaging so that goods are lighter and so they make less journeys which helps to reduce their overall emissions and the same can be said for metal roofs.

A metal roof is lighter than other forms of roofing and so it means that transport is a lot easier. This essentially means that less Co2 is emitted and there’s less harm to the environment.

From recycling to transport and efficiency, metal roofing offers so much more than traditional forms of roofing. For more information on our Metrotile’s metal roof tiles, call us on 01249 658 514 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.