Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing: Superior Benefits

educational building with lightweight roofing

Housing specifiers are frequently faced with diverse building projects, each with their own set of circumstances and problems. By choosing Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, contractors will be faced with an easily and swiftly installed roofing solution, with superior benefits to traditional materials from the moment the order is on the road, to the very end of the material’s long lifespan.

The light weight of each Metrotile profile (approximately one seventh of traditional tiles such as slate or clay) ensures reduced transportation costs and reduced strain on supporting foundations and a product that is easily moved around a building site in bulk. The many benefits of the Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing system has ensured a constantly increasing level of popularity across the UK; new-build properties, refurbishment projects, schools, retail and conservatories are just a sample of the seemingly endless suitable rooftop applications for Metrotile.

A Metrotile roof is extra secure, offers stunning aesthetics, is supported by a complete range of bespoke accessories (including Photovoltaics and window systems by Velux) and is backed by an industry-leading forty year weatherproof guarantee. Visit for further information, or contact or 01249 658514 for your free, no-obligation Metrotile quotation.



Metrotile is a highly successful international manufacturer of lightweight steel roofing systems, distributing to over 60 countries worldwide. Just over a decade ago Metrotile established a presence in the UK and introduced the country to Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems of unmatched quality, backed by an industry leading 40 year guarantee.

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