Metrotile’s Environmentally Friendly Roof Tiles

close up of integrated photovoltaic roof tiles

With concern for the environment increasing all the time, the heavy transport cost and emissions associated with traditional roof tiles are making them more and more undesirable. Lightweight steel roofing is a great alternative that offers superior durability, while matching the aesthetics of traditional tiles. All of Metrotile’s roofing is environmentally friendly, making it a great choice when building or replacing your roof.

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Lightweight Roof Tiles

Metrotile’s steel tiles are around 7x lighter than traditional roofing choices, as well as being very slim. This means that the cost of, and emissions caused by, transporting them is drastically reduced as less loads are needed per roof.

Low Pitch Roof Tiles 

The design of our tiles means that they are suitable for building roofs at very low pitches – down to 10 degrees – while still managing to retain their weatherproof properties. The smaller surface area of the roof ensures that less materials are needed overall. In this way, choosing low pitch roof tiles reduces the emissions produced by transporting and producing the tiles, as again less loads are required.

ISO 14001

This ISO accreditation shows that Metrotile has had its environmental management system externally audited and approved to a very high standard. We have proved that we are taking active steps to reduce the environmental impact of our work at every stage, so you can be confident that the tiles you choose have been manufactured in as sustainable a way as possible.

Low Maintenance

Our tiles need virtually no maintenance and so are a great low-hassle option. They are tested to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, meaning they rarely need replacing as they won’t come loose. This means that each tile has a lot of life in it, cutting down transport and manufacturing emissions produced by replacements, and then when they reach the end of their lives they are also 100% recyclable.


Our photovoltaic roof tiles convert the energy of the sun directly into electrical power without releasing any environmental emissions. The tiles are simply fitted, with each panel equalling one complete cell. This simple system ensures that if a tile becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced without needing to disturb large sections of the roof. Photovoltaics have already benefitted many of our customers, including Southport College.

If you’re considering the environmental impact of your roofing choices, contact Metrotile on 01249 658514 to discuss our range of sustainable options.