Why do you need lightweight roof tiles?

PGL Liddington Timber Frame Accommodation with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing in Bond Charcoal with retrofit Photovoltaic System

With more and more issues surfacing for traditional roofing such as concrete, slate and asphalt, project managers are looking to more economical and eco-friendly roof options. Whether it be delaminated slate roofing, leaking flat roofing or cured concrete, choosing to renovate with materials that are more modern offers your roof a new lease of life. Lightweight metal roof tiles have become the roofing material of choice when it comes to new build projects, renovation work and conservatories due to the numerous benefits they provide.

Easier and safer to work with

With lighter tiles, construction sites become a much safer place to work. Transportation around the site is also much easier for your labourers, including moving between sites, making installation a much smoother process. There’s no need to cart around heavy concrete, which can be a site risk and strict Manual Handling Operations Regulations should also be adhered to in order to avoid personal injury. This usually requires extra labour to cart around safely, so minimise the risk altogether with lightweight roofing.


Due to their lightweight design, there are less CO2 emissions when tiles are transported between sites when compared to heavier roofing materials. Metal lightweight tiles are partly made from recycled materials and can be recycled when their lifetime has run out, making them much more environmentally friendly.

No strain on structure

Conservatories and outbuildings with timber frames cannot use heavier roofing materials, as they pose too much of a strain on the existing framework causing irreparable damage to the supporting structures. Lightweight tiles are perfect for outbuildings and conservatories, providing a much more energy efficient alternative to glass while providing a secure roofing solution.

Flat to pitch conversions

Flat roofing can cause all manner of issues for a property, most notable is pooling in the roof which can cause leakages into your home. Lightweight roof tiles can be installed at a uniquely low pitch, which makes them ideal for flat to pitch conversions, requiring the least possible amount of tiles and installation work to transform the roof into a much more durable option.

Durability & Security

Unlike concrete and slate, metal roofing can be more efficiently treated to protect against all kinds of weather conditions. This includes wind, rain and snow as well as more extreme weathers such as salt corrosion from the sea, or lightning. Alongside this, metal roofing protects against vandalism providing a secure solution against all external hazards.

Fire safety

Concerning fire safety is at the forefront of housing design, with lightweight metal roofing acting as a secure barrier in the prevention of flame spread. Metrotile’s roofing has achieved a fire rating of EXT.S.AA which is the highest possible, allowing an hour before fire penetrates the roofing, and also an hour until flames spread.

Better aesthetics

With metal roof tiles, there is a huge range of colours and styles to choose from for a much sleeker aesthetic to your property. From reds and terracotta colours to charcoals and greens, you can create a much more unique look to your home with coloured metal roofing, this offers considerably more flexibility than any other roofing material.

Easy to install

Traditional tile roofing can be quite a time-consuming process to install, with each tile fitted individually. An added bonus with Metrotile’s metal roofing is that you can install several tiles at once. A Metrotile profile is the equivalent of eight conventional tiles, enabling rapid and simple installation. They are overlapped and then fixed, so there’s no need for fiddly installing.

As the No.1 roofing choice in Europe, Metrotile’s profiles are rigorously tested to withstand extreme conditions. This is why Metrotile’s lightweight roofing comes with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee, proving its long lifetime value as well as durability. For more information on our lightweight tile solution, please fill in our contact form or call us on 01249 658 514.