Need a new conservatory roof? Then you need Metrotile Lightweight Roofing

Victorian style conservatory roof

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing is the durable, elegant roofing solution that offers superior benefits to so-called ‘traditional’ roofing materials. Much of this stems from the low weight of each profile, which weighs just one seventh of traditional materials without compromising security or aesthetics.

With that in mind it’s no coincidence that Metrotile has been appearing on a rapidly-increasing number of conservatories in the UK and Ireland. From conservatory fabricators choosing the Future Proof Roof as the roofing material for their new build extensions, to self builders installing a new roof on to an existing conservatory, many are discovering just how great a roof tile Metrotile is.

Traditionally, conservatories were considered a summertime space – a room to enjoy during the brighter months of the year. However with home utility bills frequently increasing in price, people have been looking for ways to improve their insulation and keep energy costs to a minimum. However, with many conservatories the frames and foundations are simply not strong enough to accommodate a slate or clay roof. With a Metrotile roof, the weight is of no concern and it can be installed without damaging either the supporting structure or foundations. Furthermore, Velux roof windows can also be installed, so losing the light you associate with your conservatory is no longer a worry.

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