Planning permission for an orangery

conservatory roofing

An orangery might not have the instant name recognition of a conservatory but they are still very popular home additions, and they have a very rich history. Orangeries may look like a conservatory to the untrained eye but there’s a lot of difference between the two.

What’s the difference?

The most notable difference being that an orangery will have a lot less glass than a traditional conservatory. There’s some leeway with all the different variations available but as a general rule if there’s more glass than brick then it’s a conservatory, not an orangery.

The roof is also another big difference between the two, an orangery will usually have a plastered roof with a built-in roof lantern. A conservatory meanwhile will usually have a fully glazed roof, unless it’s a solid roof conservatory.

Orangeries might have been originally built for housing and growing exotic plants like citrus trees but they’ve evolved into more luxurious home extensions over time. While a conservatory is traditionally designed for enjoying the outdoors and growing plants.

Both will make great additions to your home but think carefully about what you want from your new space before deciding whether an orangery or conservatory will do the job.

What do the regulations say?

The Planning Portal regulations set out by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) show that adding an orangery (or a conservatory) fall under permitted developments. This is good news for people interested in adding an orangery to their home because it means you will likely not need to seek planning permission.

However, there are still certain conditions that still need to be met. If your orangery or conservatory doesn’t meet these conditions then you will need to apply for planning permission. You can see these conditions on the Planning Portal website.

The list might seem a little scary but when you read through it, it’s highly likely that you’ve already met the majority of conditions if not all of them. If your planned orangery or conservatory doesn’t meet all the conditions then you can either apply for planning permission or alter your designs.

Remember each local authority may have slightly different rules and regulations in place so it’s always best to double check with them just in case.

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