What is a passive house?

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly building model, it doesn’t get more ecological than a passive house. The term refers to the ‘world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction’ and there are currently over 30,000 homes worldwide that follow this model. A passive house strikes a balance between energy efficiency and comfort, creating the ideal sustainable home.


The concept is a German idea, from the early 1990s and is otherwise named a ‘Passivehaus’. The central ethos of these houses is still the same today- a home which achieves thermal comfort from fresh air mass, which not only improves energy efficiency but indoor air quality.


To be certificated as a passive house, the property must meet certain criteria; for example, the house must not exceed 120kWh annually for all energy usage such as heating, cooling, hot water and domestic electricity, per square metre of space.

Building requirements

The general structure and materials of a passive house means little energy is needed for heating and cooling which vastly reduces the amount of energy production. To achieve this, the building needs good levels of insulation and air tightness. The use of heat recovery and solar technology creates renewable energy which is a much more environmentally friendly approach to energy production.

Passive House Planning Package

Architects use the Passive House Planning Package, or PHPP, as a tool for planning and structuring a passive house. The software enables architects and engineers to calculate energy balance, assess renewable energy gains and energy demand in order to reduce the need for traditional heating and cooling systems.

Metrotile’s lightweight roofing is an eco-friendly roofing material that is well suited to a passive house. It allows for an extra layer of insulation and is covered by a 40 year weatherproof guarantee. For more information, you can call us on 01249 658 514 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.