When is the best time to replace a concrete tiled roof?

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While it’s true that you can get your concrete tiled roof replaced at almost any time during the year, it can’t be denied that certain seasons are going to be better options. Sometimes you may be left with no choice, for example, if your roof gets damaged due to an unforeseen event like a storm then you’ll need to get it replaced as quickly as possible.

But if you just want to upgrade your existing roof then you might want to wait for a better time before you start calling in roofers. It might not seem like it but the time of year in which your roof is replaced can make a big difference, it can affect the quality of the job, the speed of the work and even the price.

So what time of year is best? Well, let’s take a closer look at each of the four seasons and find out how each one is different.


Spring is usually a good choice for getting your roof replaced, for one thing, the weather will usually be mild which will always be an advantage when it comes to roofing work. However, be aware that while the spring isn’t the busiest time of year for roofers it will usually still be somewhat busy so make sure you take that into account when booking a time.


The summer is arguably the best time to get your roof replaced it not only as all the advantages of the spring but it’s also usually quieter as leaks are less likely to be noticed and damage is less likely to occur. This means booking a slot will be easier and you might even be able to score a discount price on your roof replacement as well.


The autumn is the busiest period when it comes roofing replacements and repairs, this is mainly due to people wanting to get their roofs replaced before the winter arrives. So, if you book your roof replacement in the autumn make sure you do it early and expect a wait. You should also expect to pay a high price because they’ll be no discounts during the autumn.


The winter is not a good time to get your roofing replacement work done, the cold weather will not only make it difficult for roofers to carry out any work but it will also have an effect on the materials. This could make any roofing work done a poorer quality as a result and due to this some roofing firms will refuse to carry out roofing replacements during the winter. In an emergency, you might still be able to get a roof replacement done but it’s not recommended.

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