When is the best time to replace my slate roof?

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Slate is a popular roofing choice, it’s strong, durable, weatherproof and just an all around a great material to use. A large number of older buildings still have their original slate roof tiles but despite their many great benefits slate roof tiles aren’t invincible.

Slate might be very strong but it’s still susceptible to the ravages of age, can be damaged by harsh weather and suffer from leaks. Knowing what warning signs to look out for is very important when it comes to identifying the problems with your slate roof but once you know what the issue is you will need to consider one other important thing.

Identifying the problem is only half the solution, you also need to decide when the best time to fix it is. If it’s only a small leak or damaged tile then you can probably do the repair straight away or leave it till later.

If you need to do a more serious repair job then you might need to wait till your roof can be replaced safely. That’s because depending on the time of year, the seasonal weather could make a big difference to how easy replacing your roof is.

If you think your slate roof is suffering some problems then you should check out our previous post on the common problems for slate roofs. Let’s take a look at the seasonal differences in more detail to find out when it’s the best time to replace your slate roof.


Winter should be avoided unless the replacement work is incredibly serious, the low temperature and weather will make replacement work very difficult to carry out and not may roofers will want to take a replacement job during the winter. However, if one does it is likely you will have to pay a higher price than normal.


Autumn is a busy time for roof replacements because people will likely be rushing to get it done before the winter arrives. So, finding a roofer might be tricky and you might have to pay a slightly higher price than normal.


Spring is the middle ground season and overall probably the best time to get your slate roof replaced or repaired. It’s quiet but not completely off-peak so finding a roofer and booking a replacement or repair shouldn’t be very difficult, the milder weather also ensures maximum comfort during the work.


Summer is a good time to get your roof replaced or repaired and while it’s not quite as gentle climate wise as the spring it’s still usually comfortable enough for work. It is also a very quiet time so you might be able to get a better deal from a roofer as well.

Out of the four seasons, winter is the only real time of year you should try to avoid when it comes to slate roof replacement work. If it’s an emergency and you have no other options work can usually still be done but if you can wait till the spring or summer then they are going to be the best options.

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