Why Metrotile is a good choice for modular homes

Bryn Bach Park Visitor Centre with Charcoal Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Slate .900 extra secure solution

Building a home can often be an extremely stressful and time-consuming effort, if you’ve watched grand designs then you’ll know what we mean.

You have to find land you can build on, hire builders, designers, and architects and then wait. Depending on exactly what you want, getting your dream home built could take months or possibly even years! That’s why modular homes are so popular because you can get your dream home built much more quickly.

A modular home, is a home that’s built offsite in a factory setting, it follows the same processes as regular home construction but is much faster. There will be no delays due to weather or building conditions, it’s a much quicker and efficient process.

The completed home is then reassembled onsite and contrary to common belief modular homes do have permanent foundations. They’re not the same as mobile homes and can be designed in a wide range of different ways.

Modular homes don’t all look alike so if you’re after a particular style of house you can likely get it done. In fact, with a modular home, you will often be able to get a more unique design constructed and because it’s a much quicker process a modular home will often be cheaper than if you used more traditional on-site construction.

How can Metrotile help?

Our amazing lightweight roof tiles come in a range of different styles, so they will go great with any style of modular home and because they are very lightweight they won’t damage the structure in any way. They are also very strong and durable so will be sure to protect your home from the elements and best of all they are a very cost-effective option.

With an array of different colours, designs, and finishes available, our great collection of Metrotile roof tiles will add the perfect finish to any modular home. Made from only the highest-quality materials these tiles will look amazing on any modular home and provide you with maximum safety and security.

Modular homes are becoming more and more popular and at Metrotile we can help you make your dream home even better! So, if you’re considering or even already have a modular home then why not enhance it with some of our amazing roof tiles? Call us on 01249 658 514 or fill out our contact form to find out more.