Will a conservatory hold a slate roof?

Lightweight tiled conservatory

A conservatory can completely transform a home and it will certainly give a property an increased level of functionality as the extra space is almost priceless. Many people find that it is cheaper to add a conservatory instead of moving or adding in a loft conversion and, when you factor in the materials that a conservatory is made of, you can be sure that it will require very little maintenance and will stand the test of time.


Issues with conservatory roofs


However, problems can stem from general wear and tear and the weather. Glass and polycarbonate roofing has a tendency to succumb to the elements which may require you to completely replace your roof. This type of roofing can also be incredibly loud in bad weather conditions, as well as cold, which can render the conservatory unusable throughout the winter.


Slate roofing


Slate has a natural beauty and it can completely transform the look of a home, working well when it is installed on the structure of a house. However, it is not possible to install slate onto a conservatory roof as it is simply too heavy. Slate is essentially rock and the amount needed for your conservatory is too much for the framework to bear. This would then cause damage to the conservatory structure and would, over time, lead to weaknesses in the structure which could lead to significant damage.


Conservatory roof alternatives


As an alternative to a glass roof, why not consider a metal roof? Lightweight metal roofing helps to retain heat, it handles the elements just as well and it is friendly to the environment. Unbelievably, it is a light material and so it causes no issues with the structure of your conservatory. Metrotile’s metal roofing is seven times lighter than traditional roofing so you can be sure that it will do the job extremely well.


Metal roofing benefits


A metal roof can be installed easily and it requires very little maintenance and, unlike slate, it won’t crack or become damaged by high winds in the same way. You can also be sure that it will last for a lot longer than traditional roofing, and so the initial increased cost will soon become a cost that will be offset by its incredible lifespan.


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