Are lightweight roof tiles energy saving?

Improving energy efficiency in the home or a commercial building is important for many people. It means lowered costs and being more sustainable, and looking after the environment by using less energy. Therefore, those looking for a roofing solution will want to consider which roof tiles can help them save on energy and improve their eco efforts.


Lightweight roofing has increasingly become the preferred choice for many types of roofing projects including conservatories, low pitched roofs, lightweight structures and modular homes over the years. This is due to a multitude of reasons including durability, their design, being weatherproof and perhaps, now due to their eco credentials. According to a recent survey, 88% of people want brands to step up their sustainability measures, showing the appetitive for manufacturers to produce more eco-friendly goods.

The energy saving capabilities of using lightweight roof tiles may be of interest to companies and homeowners who are considering which roof tiles are most suitable for their project.

In this article, we answer the question, are lightweight roof tiles energy saving?


Recycled tiles

Many lightweight roof tiles are both recycled and recyclable so are eco-friendly right from the start. Metal roofs can be made with up to 40% recycled steels. They’re able to be completely reused, as the entire roof will be recyclable when it reaches the end of its life.

Most traditional roofing types are not fully recyclable in this way, making lightweight steel roof tiles a preferred choice for sustainably-minded people.



Lightweight tiles usually weigh under 20kgs and have the additional benefit of potentially speeding up a roofing project due to their easy maneuverability.

Lightweight steel roof tiles are strong, durable and extremely light – up to 1/7th of a concrete tile. Due to their light weight, the number of structural supports required is less making them easier and quicker to install.

Moving lightweight tiles around the country or the world is clearly impacting the environment. By using lighter materials, this transportation can be more efficient as the goods are lighter. Some manufacturers also try to use little packaging to reduce emissions.

Lightweight steel roof tiles are able to last longer than many other types, with suppliers offering guarantees for 50+ years.


Energy efficiency

Steel and other metals roofing materials are much more effective at preserving heat than many other tiles. They can help to save you money on heating bills as you won’t necessarily need to heat the property as much. A metal roof has high solar reflectivity and emissivity, which can cool down the property if it’s in a hot place. With conservatory roofs, lightweight roof tiles actually help to keep the conservatory cooler in the summer, yet manage to retain heat in the winter.

Choosing the right colour will help to reduce energy costs too, with white or light-coloured metal roofs reducing the cost of energy by around 20% whilst making the home up to 60 degrees cooler.


Long lifespan

The lifespan of a roof is a key aspect when choosing which material to go with. Not only for cost savings and removing the hassle of having to install another one, but also it is more environmentally friendly if it lasts longer.

Unmistakably, lightweight steel roof tiles have a long lifespan. They typically last two to three times longer than many of the traditional materials. They require little upkeep or repairs, lasting around 60 years. High quality steel tiles can withstand extreme weather conditions which is a perk that shouldn’t be taken for granted, seeing as other materials usually don’t age so well.


Lightweight roof tiles from Metrotile

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