Metrotile Delivers Superior Modular Roofing Systems

modular roofing solution corehaus

CoreHaus utilises multiple Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) categories to deliver its innovative hybrid solution and recently appointed Metrotile as its preferred supplier for modular roofing systems, after successfully trialling the product on their new 20,000sq ft factory in County Durham.

CoreHaus Managing Director, Scott Bibby explains:

“The Metrotile product offers huge benefits and fits perfectly with our innovative homes, it is lighter and therefore more user friendly for our employees, extremely durable with a refined, unintrusive finish to it. 

The product is also environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional roof products due to its composition (at least 25% recycled materials) and its future recyclability. This fits well with our social values and culture.

During our official launch event earlier this year, we had multiple clients complimenting the finish and couldn’t believe the roof wasn’t ‘traditional’. One of our collaborators expressed a wish to use it when we explained the benefit and cost”

For modular home builders, specifiers and architects these are just a few of the reasons to choose Metrotile Lightweight Roofing for your roofing requirements:


  • Low Weight


The ideal roofing component of a modular home is a low-weight material, enabling easy transportation to site and reduced pressure on supporting structure post-installation. This is Metrotile’s primary USP – offering incredible benefit in a package that weighs just one seventh of comparable ‘traditional’ products such as slate or clay.


  • Unsurpassed Security


Surely a material that’s under half a millimetre thick can’t match the security of a ‘traditional’ tile? Wrong! Each Metrotile is pressed from the highest quality drawing grade three steel – the highest quality available in our industry. The steel is galvanised with a zinc/aluminium compound and the weather side is coated with an acrylic glaze and stone mixture that protects against the most extreme weather conditions (and is tested against them worldwide to prove it). Once a Metrotile is fixed into place, it becomes practically impossible for a vandal to remove it.


  • Certifications, Memberships and Testing


All of Metrotile’s roofing systems have British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification, kept up to date with our increasing product range and available for download via our website. At Metrotile, we believe in offering as many certifications and tests against our product as possible, to make choosing us even easier. We are also members of relevant industry bodies such as the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) Offsite Alliance and the LABC.


  • PV


Integrated or retrofit – if you need a solar system connected to your Metrotile roof, we can help. We have recently entered an exciting partnership with PV manufacturers Verditek, producers of the Verdisol PV panel. This means we can supply customers their industry leading systems built into our tiles, enhancing our position as the modular home roofing material of choice by many specifiers, fabricators and architects across the UK.


  • Unmatched Technical Support


When you work with Metrotile, you know you’re in safe hands. Whether you just wish to have a free estimate for your project, need installation advice from our Technical Manager or support from our Modular Building Specialist and Sales Director David Padmore, Metrotile has you covered.


Our roofing systems are also guaranteed for 40 years, offering even more peace of mind.


If you would like to contact Metrotile regarding your modular building installation or any other roofing project, including a no-obligation roofing estimate, you can use our online contact form, email or phone 01249 658514 during office hours.