Are you an offsite building manufacturer, searching for the perfect modular roofing solution for your buildings? If so, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing is the ideal pitched roof system for your requirements, and here’s just five reasons why;

1) Pressed from the highest quality steel

Each Metrotile is pressed from steel, a truly modern material. This is fundamental to the low weight/highly secure roof installations that only a lightweight steel roof will give you, and is directly responsible for many of the reasons Metrotile is superior to so-called ‘traditional’ roofing materials for modular roofing projects

2) Low transport requirements

As Lightweight Roofing is pressed from steel, unmatched security can be provided with tile profiles less than a millimetre thick! This means the tile profiles can be stacked on pallets and can be swiftly delivered to site – with a significant reduction in transport, and therefore delivery costs. Once the roof is installed, and your offsite building has to be craned to site – consider the difference a low weight roof can make!

3) Highly secure

Metrotile profiles may be less than a millimetre thick, but thanks to the strength of steel the protection offered against vandalism and the elements outstanding. If your project is in an area prone to vandalism, we offer an extra secure .900mm thick solution. As for the weather, due to being specified across the entire world Metrotile has been tested in the most extreme conditions, including cyclone/wind uplift testing and cyclical freeze/thaw testing. 

4) Rapidly installed

Once the tiles are delivered to site, they are easily moved around and stored, and the low weight contributes to the typical high speed installation that has come to expected from Lightweight Steel Roofing’s many customers across the UK and the rest of the world. Swift installation of the roof means that less time is taken installing the roof at the manufacturing plant, and less weight is placed on any transportation taking the building for installation. 

5) Full specification service

Metrotile has been working alongside modular building fabricators for many years, and as a result is able to offer a full NBS-backed specification service to assist you all the way from the early planning stages, through installation and beyond. Please contact us for more information about this.

If you wish to know more about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, you can visit our website, email or phone the office Mon-Fri on 01249 658514.