The Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal Burnt Umber

Conservatories are a wonderful way to get the most out of the sunshine in your garden, but the glass roofs can bring along a few problems you hadn’t anticipated. The most obvious problem is the difficultly in accessing the roof to clean the glass, but the most painful is probably your increased heating bills! With rising fuel prices, this is a major reason to think about making some changes. Although it can be difficult to replace the glass for a tiled conservatory roof as the structure wasn’t put in place to support these heavy materials, our lightweight roof tiles can easily be used for this exact purpose, offering the perfect solution. Here are a few reasons why you might want to think about updating your conservatory.


Use All Year Round

Having a conservatory with a solid roof allows you to use it at all times of the year and take full advantage of the beautiful changing seasons. So whether it’s to look out over your snow covered garden or to catch the red and yellow leaves emerging, you’ll always have a good view, without having to crank up the heating.

Reduced Bills

A glass or polycarbonate roof is the main way that heat escapes from your conservatory, as hot air rises allowing the heat to escape. You only need to stand next to your closed windows in the winter to feel how ineffective glass is for retaining the warmth; that coupled with rising convection currents and it’s easy to understand why your heating bills are so high. Metrotile roofs are also installed with a layer of insulation underneath to further protect against heat loss.

In addition to keeping you warm in the winter, having a solid roof to your conservatory has the added benefit of shading the room in the summer. This prevents that greenhouse situation so common with traditional conservatories.

Reduced Noise

As well as the icy winter conditions and the sunny summers, there’s one weather related problem we experience all year found in England and that’s the rain! Sitting in a conservatory during the rain, takes you back to those childhood holidays in a dodgy caravan, which might bring a nostalgic smile to your face as you reminisce, but it gets a lot less amusing when you try to read a book! So it will please you to know that the insulation used when installing our roofing radically reduces the noise. One of our customers Mr Palmer said: “I was really surprised about the low noise. It’s raining right now and the noise level is no different than the roof materials used on the main house”.

The Environmental Benefits of Metrotile

As you’ve probably had your conservatory installed so that you can be closer to nature, it might interest you to know that we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly products. Every tile we produce is 100% recyclable and due to their lightweight nature, they are much more efficient to transport, dramatically reducing CO2 emissions. And if you want to make the most of your south facing garden, we also make photovoltaic roof tiles, or solar panels as they’re more commonly known, to further reduce the carbon footprint of your home and bring down your energy bills.

Heritage Homes

Metrotile is also a great option for the conservatories of period properties, as the different styles are designed to replicate various traditional roofing materials to blend in with your home. As the planning restrictions are less severe for conservatories and other external buildings, you have the freedom to choose more technologically advanced materials. Linden Heritage specialise in the renovations of period and listed buildings and regularly use Metrotile roofing for their conservatories.


Company Director Tim Alanthwaite said: “we’re not able to use Metrotile on the main rooftops of any period homes we renovate. However, we find ourselves involved with the building and renovation of external buildings at these sites, including conservatories and equestrian projects. Whenever we are involved with a conservatory our outer building project, we insist on using Metrotile for the roofing. The rapid installation, security, soundproofing and aesthetics set the product head and shoulders above the competition”

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