The best ways to insulate a conservatory roof

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal

There may be various reasons why you are thinking about insulating your conservatory roof. Perhaps you are experiencing high levels of noise pollution and are struggling to relax or work in your conservatory. Or maybe you are finding it difficult to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Or it might be that your conservatory is prone to condensation. Whatever the reason, the following tips may help.


Draught-proofing your conservatory

One of the cheapest ways to insulate your conservatory is to introduce draught-proofing. This will help you save energy, which will, in turn, save you money. Good ventilation is helpful, but unwanted draughts let in too much cold air and waste heat. Draught-proofing your conservatory will involve blocking up any gaps in the roof, walls and around windows, doors and electrical fittings.


Insulated ceilings

Insulation can be added between the rafters, concealed behind a new ceiling. While this is a reasonably effective way to reduce draughts, it will cut out any light that would normally enter through your conservatory roof. You can decorate the new ceiling to make your conservatory more like a traditional room, but if the insulation is not installed correctly you will find that condensation can form on the underside of your roof, which will eventually cause your insulation and your new ceiling to degrade, leading to visible damp.


Double glazing

If you don’t currently have double-glazing in your conservatory, you will almost certainly experience poor insulation and a build-up of condensation, damp and mould. Replacing single-glazed panes is likely to have an immediate impact on the temperature and appearance of your conservatory, and on noise levels. Adding blinds or curtains can also help to keep draughts out, saving you energy and making your conservatory warmer.


Fitting a solid roof

One of the most effective ways to insulate your conservatory is to replace your glass or uPVC roof with a solid, tiled roof. This will help to regulate the temperature, keep draughts out, stop condensation forming and reduce external noise levels. As a result, this will help you save money on your energy bills. As solid roofs require much less maintenance and repair work, you are also likely to make savings there. If you’re concerned about light levels, why not add Velux windows to your solid roof?


At Metrotile we are strong believers in solid conservatory roofs as they provide a long-lasting to solution to all of the most common problems associated with conservatory roofs. Our high-quality roof tiles are lightweight, eco-friendly and come with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee.


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