Building on the Coast

fair isle observatory roofing

Building on the Coast

When constructing properties in coastal regions, there is often more of a need to build using materials that are resistant to the natural environment and weather conditions. Unlike structures built inland, coastal properties are exposed to saltwater environments and high winds, which can have an effect on the buildings over time. Therefore, properties built in coastal regions should be constructed using durable materials that can withstand the effects of the surrounding environment.


Saltwater Environment

Exposure to a saltwater environment can have a serious effect on a building over time due to the corrosive nature of salty air. Salt crystallisation in stone walls, and rust in metal materials can be the cause of regular repairs, so materials used during construction and renovation need to withstand these environmental conditions.

As our tiles are manufactured using steel substrate coated in acrylic and aluminium-zinc alloy, they are protected against corrosion in harsher coastal and seaside environments where the air contains higher levels of salt.

High Winds

Coastal environments are well-known for regularly experiencing high winds and stormy weather, which can cause regular issues for properties built in the area. Buildings that don’t use appropriate wind resistant materials are likely to see the effects of weathering and storm damage, a common example being lost roof tiles.

Lost roof tiles can be costly to replace and are often the cause of further issues, such as water damage and increased energy bills. Regular repairs and expenditures can be avoided by installing resistant roof tiles.

Our lightweight roof tiles have been tested against cyclone conditions making them ideal for coastal locations that frequently experience high winds. Resistant to wind lift speeds of up to 192km per hour, the tiles are virtually impossible to remove when installed using Metrotile Secure one way screw fittings. This allows us to have a 40 year weatherproof guarantee on all of our tiles.

Conservation and Eco-Friendly 

As many coastal communities are committed to conservation and creating eco-friendly properties, there is often the need to use materials that are eco-conscious as well as weather resistant.

A great example of a coastal property that was built using eco-friendly materials is the Fair Isle Bird Observatory in Scotland. As Fair Isle is not on the National Grid, they opted for roof tiles that were able to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide a source of renewable energy. Using Metrotile’s photovoltaic roofing, the observatory is now able to harness energy from the sun to provide lighting and ventilation for the building.

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