Can Lightweight Roof Tiles Be Installed On Any Building?

PGL Liddington Timber Frame Accommodation with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing in Bond Charcoal with retrofit Photovoltaic System

When you think about getting your roof tiled you might think; the heavier roof tiles, the better they’ll be. After all, if the roof tiles are heavier they’ll be stronger and therefore keep you more secure from the elements and vandalism, as well as aid security.

However, when you’re dealing with roof tiles, heavier materials doesn’t equal more strength! It’s important that you remember that when looking at potential roofing options because heavier roofing tiles can actually cause more problems in the long run.

For one thing, they put much more pressure on your home and installation will almost certainly take longer. Lightweight roof tiles, however, combat a lot of these issues and are an all-around better option for the majority of domestic and commercial properties.

Which Properties Can Benefit?

Lightweight roofing can be used on a wide range of different properties. Which property are you currently working with?

  • Households
  • Retail
  • New builds
  • Education
  • Conservatories
  • Extensions
  • Leisure
  • Specialist projects



From your regular semi-detached property to more specialist non-traditional housing, our lightweight roof tiles can be used on all properties of this kind. Metrotile’s 40-year guarantee ensures that your home will be protected from vandalism and have increased security for years to come.

Retail Properties

Whether it’s a small corner shop, luxurious restaurants or a shopping centre, our lightweight roofing tiles can be used for commercial and retail properties of all kinds. We’ve previously worked with the likes of Morrisons in Leeds and Argos in Thomsett, installing highly durable roofing to meet their requirements.

New Builds

Our roof tiles make the perfect finishing touch to new builds, whether it’s a house, apartment or any other new property. Passive houses, for example, can benefit from roofing that is 100% recyclable.

Educational Installations

Schools, colleges, universities and much more can all benefit from our lightweight roofing tiles. Added protection against theft and vandalism will ensure that your educational premises remain secure.


A conservatory can be literally transformed with a lightweight tiled roof, enabling your conservatory to insulate heat much more effectively. Because of the light weight of the tiles, there will be no damage to the structure of framework of your conservatory at all and you’ll benefit from a much longer lifespan than traditional glass or uPVC.


Whether it’s a home extension, office extension or any other type of extension, Metrotile’s lightweight roof tiles can be a quick installation so you can finish your extension as quickly as possible.

Leisure Buildings

Leisure buildings such as outhouses or ranger’s huts can benefit from a lightweight tile to avoid posing any risk to the structural integrity of the property. Metrotiles have been installed on a variety of leisure buildings including leisure centres and equestrian premises to match the desired aesthetic.

Specialist projects

Our lightweight tiles come in a huge range of styles and colours making them a great fit for specialist roofing projects. From log pods to observatories, our roofing can match any bespoke needs.

The Benefits of Lightweight Roofing

Lightweight roof tiles, like those you find available at Metrotile, offer a wide range of benefits. Due to their light weight, they are much easier to install, which means they’ll be less distribution to your home or property. The installation will usually be much quicker as well, resulting in a much safer construction site.

There’s a variety of environmental benefits as the tiles can usually be adapted to fit any roof design. But perhaps most importantly these roof tiles offer increased durability and protection against the elements.

To discuss your roofing project and find out which lightweight tile profile is a match for your needs, get in touch with the Metrotile team by calling us on 01249 658514 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.