Case Study

Home Conservatory

Home Conservatory

Case Study

Mr and Mrs Palmer of Buckinghamshire had decided their large, twenty five year old conservatory was in need of a refresh. Sporting a traditional glass roof, the conservatory was a space utilised well during the summer, but not during the cooler winter months.

With eight young grandchildren visiting on a regular basis, the idea of utilising the space throughout the entire year became a welcome proposition. With this in mind, Mr Palmer used the internet to search for a replacement roof material, deciding that a glass roof would be innappropriate for the insulation required to keep the room warm during the winter. After running an online search for ‘lightweight roofing’, Mr Palmer discovered Metrotile:

“Metrotile ticked the boxes for each of our requirements, including the key factors of a lightweight, low pitch design and the aesthetics to blend in with our existing cladding and roofing. The light weight was ideal considering the extra materials we had to install on the conservatory roof”.

Approved Metrotile Contractors AP Roofing were called in for the installation. Peter Evans, one half of the partnership that runs AP Roofing, recalled the challenges presented by the project: “Every conservatory is different, so every conservatory presents us with a different challenge. In this case, our biggest hurdle was a window located close to the conservatory roof. As such, we had to install 50mm of the roof below the rafters and 50mm above, utilsing an industry-leading 3 1/4 ply insulation board, a VPU and the Metrotile Shingle profile over that.”

The 50/50 split above and below the rafters ensured enough space was available for ventilation. This also helped to achieve the 15 degree pitch, while giving significant clearance from the window above. The final results are stunning and ensure that Mr & Mrs Palmer can enjoy the conservatory all year round with their family.

“Whenever we refurbish a conservatory in this manner, we always get a great response from customers. They always tell us how pleased they are, that they can use the conservatory all year, because it’s warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The reduction in utility bills is also a popular outcome”.

Mr Palmer is no exception, with his views reflecting with all of Peter’s points. As we stand in his newly refurbished conservatory during a heavy rain shower, Mr Palmer adds:“I was really surprised about the low noise. It’s raining right now and the noise level is no different than the roof materials used on the main house”.

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Key Points

  • Homeowners converted the existing conservatory into year-round space
  • Low pitch and less strain placed on structure
  • Conservatory roof just as quiet as 'traditional' home roof

Tile Profile: Shingle Roof Tile


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