Does a conservatory add value to your home?

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Charcoal

Extending your property with a conservatory can add value to your home, in more ways than one. You are sure to increase the financial worth of your property when you come to sell it, but also increase the space that you and your family can share. 

But, it’s really important to get a good quality conservatory or you could be faced with hefty costs trying to heat, maintain and protect it. Not only this, but a poorly structured conservatory will be noted by estate agents should you choose to move. Here are the elements to consider so you can be sure a conservatory will add value to your home.

Strong Frame and Foundations

The basis of any sturdy conservatory is a good structure and framework. There are three main types of material used; PVC, aluminium and timber. Timber frames are designed to give a natural look but they require regular maintenance whereas PVC and aluminium require very little. PVC is most popular and more likely to add value to your home as it’s a good insulator. To maintain a strong framework however, the PVC needs to be reinforced and a good thickness.


Good quality, double-glazed windows are essential to avoid over-heating your conservatory during the summer months and to keep some warmth in during winter. Safety glass that is laminated is the best option, for security measures.

Solid Roofing

Traditional plastic conservatory roofs offer no insulation, greatly impacting your energy bill. Solid roofing, on the other hand, can reduce your heating costs as it acts as a strong insulator and protects your home against extreme weather conditions. In the long term, this makes your conservatory much more usable as it won’t only be used during the summer. You can even install Velux windows and ventilation systems into a solid roof, allowing you a much better quality of roofing than an unstable plastic or glass one.

Metrotile specialise in lightweight conservatory roof tiles that are guaranteed to add value to your home. Our solid roofing for conservatories is a much better option than the typical plastic roofing, offering a more stable and sturdy structure. For more information on the benefits of our roofing for your conservatory, give us a call on 01249 658 514 or fill in a contact form and we will get back to you.