How Lightweight Roof Tiles Have Revolutionised Roofing

A major trend for light weight roofing materials emerged back in the 2010s and over the last few years, it’s become mainstream for the industry and property owners alike.


Whilst some forms of lightweight roofing including steel have been used for a long time, it was only common for commercial properties to use metal as the material of choice for the roof. In the past, the perception amongst consumers more often than not was that metal roof tiles were unattractive. However, with the introduction of new technologies that have enabled different styles, that perception has thankfully changed. The variety of styles that now exists for lightweight roofing means it is an aesthetically pleasing choice, with colour variations and styles that mimic traditional tiles such as slate.


In this article, we talk about how lightweight roof tiles have revolutionised roofing.


Cost effective

The cost of metal tiles is not dissimilar to other, more traditional tiles, and once transport costs are factored in, it works out as more cost effective overall. It’s easier to transport lightweight steel roof tiles meaning less trips back and forth for supplies during a project. The other main cost factor to consider when undertaking a roofing project is the expense of the installation itself. With lightweight tiles, the cost will inevitably be less due to the tiles being easier to work with and therefore, to install by labourers. Metrotile’s metal roofing can be installed rapidly as they’re overlapped and then fixed, making them less fiddly.


Secure and durable

Security and durability are two important factors in any roofing material. Lightweight steel roof tiles are able to provide both security and durability for the long term with steel being extremely strong. Many suppliers offer guarantees for 50+ years and it’s possible for roofs with lightweight tiles to last a lifetime, with little upkeep necessary. High quality steel tiles can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions which is a benefit that shouldn’t be taken for granted, seeing as other materials do not always stand the test of time.



Being environmentally conscious in the construction industry is increasingly on the agenda and both companies and home owners are looking at what they can do to be more sustainable. When transporting lightweight roof tiles, it is easier to carry more in one go. The positive effects of less transport being needed when delivering lightweight tiles equate to less carbon emissions and this is not the only positive impact they have on the environment. A wide range of metal roofs use recycled steel and are completely recyclable themselves.


Those in the roofing sector who are recognising the need to minimise their carbon footprint will undoubtedly be the preferred choice for the growing number of environmentally-minded consumers.


Health and safety

The risks on construction sites are lowered when opting for lightweight roof tiles as the transportation around the site is easier and safer. The installation is simpler and faster, with no heavy materials needing to be carted around. When heavy materials are involved, in order to abide by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations, extra labour may be needed to take responsibility for moving materials around safely.


Lightweight roof tiles have revolutionised the way we think about roofing materials today. There’s a large range of styles available, making it a go-to choice for domestic residences and commercial buildings. Contractors will also prefer installing them as the process is simpler and less arduous, meaning the benefits of lightweight roof tiles can be seen by all.


Lightweight roof tiles from Metrotile
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