The Advantages of Low Pitch Roof Tiles

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The Advantages of Low Pitch Roof Tiles

Architectural styles have been limited over the years by the constraints of traditional roof tiles. Clay and slate roofs have to be installed at a high pitch of at least 35 degrees for clay and 20 for slate in order to allow for the rain to drain off properly. However developments in technology have allowed these rules to be bent, with Metrotile steel roofing allowing pitches of as low as 10 degrees. So what are the benefits of using our low pitch roof tiles for your house or building?


Low Cost

A low pitch roof naturally uses less materials, which brings down the cost of building a roof from the off-set. In addition to this labour costs are also reduced as it takes less time to install the roof. Metrotile low pitch tiles can be installed faster again, due to their design incorporating eight traditional tile shapes in one low weight steel sheet. This in effect makes it eight times faster to install than a traditional roof which dramatically reduces your building budget.

Easy Maintenance

The tiles themselves are virtually zero maintenance and come with a 40 year weather proof guarantee, but they also allow for much easier maintenance of the rest of your house. A low pitched roof is much easier to walk on than a traditional pitch and as Metrotile is secured with one way screws they can’t be shifted by your feet. The tiles’ stone coating also provides you with a sure footing for a variety of maintenance tasks such as clearing your guttering and removing leaves and snow from the roof. In fact Metrotile performs so well under foot that Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service have used it for ten years on their training buildings.

Architectural Freedom

The system of overlapping and fixing Metrotile roofing provides a waterproof roof as low as 10 degrees with both the Bond and Roman profiles. This gives architects access to previously unachievable tiling ideas, which could potentially allow for new directions in design.

A low pitched roof can give a more streamlined roof line, which allows buildings to blend more seamlessly with the environment or can be used to create new and interesting shapes. A variety of pitches can be incorporated into one building or even one roof to give a quirky modernist style, which coupled with the traditional look of clay, slate and shingle could make for some very interesting aesthetics. With a possible pitch of 10 degrees to vertical, the architectural possibilities are virtually endless.

Whether you’re looking to create your own modernist masterpiece, or a cost effective family home, Metrotile low pitch roof tiles allow you the freedom to follow through your ideas with the peace of mind that you are not compromising on quality. To get a free quote or to discuss the possibilities of Metrotile, simply give us a call on 01249 658514.