Metrotile Roofing: The Rooftop Has Evolved

priory academy with Metrotile roofing

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has always been an innovative and durable product and we are very proud of the plethora of traditional roofing material-beating benefits our products have to offer. Each Metrotile profile weighs just one seventh of materials such as slate or clay tiles, yet offers unsurpassed security against vandalism and the elements. Furthermore, the stone coating offers a stunning aesthetic that is suitable for any project, yet also acts to ensure that a Metrotile roof generates no more noise than traditional materials when under duress from the weather.

One seventh of the weight also means significantly reduced requirements for transportation to the project site and if you combine this benefit with the 100% recyclability of each highest-quality steel profile, you have a product that is as environmentally sustainable as it is secure. A full range of bespoke accessories, including our integrated Photovoltaic system and roof windows from Velux is available, ensuring everything you require for your roof project can be sourced from Metrotile.

Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing is ideal for projects of any size, as discovered by various Public Sector specifiers across the UK who have used the product for a variety of projects, from Cornish Unit refurbishments to stunning new build schools such as the Priory Academies in Lincoln (pictured).Contact Metrotile for a free no obligation quote via or 01249 658514 or via our website Every Metrotile roof is backed by an industry-leading 40 year weatherproof guarantee.


Metrotile is a highly successful international manufacturer of lightweight steel roofing systems, distributing to over 60 countries worldwide. Just over a decade ago Metrotile established a presence in the UK and introduced the country to Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems of unmatched quality, backed by an industry leading 40 year guarantee.

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