Metrotile Roofing Chosen for Fire & Rescue Training

roofing for fire training

Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing has become a true problem-solving roofing material, mainly due to each profile coming with a swathe of industry-leading benefits. Each Metrotile is extremely light – approximately one seventh of the weight of comparable ‘traditional’ materials such as slate or clay, yet is also more durable and secure than those products.

This versatility has seen Metrotile appear on a variety of different rooftops throughout the UK, from grand projects such as large new build schools to projects that could be considered smaller in scale and ‘niche’, yet still as interesting as the larger buildings.  One such example can be found within the UK’s emergency services at the Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, where Metrotile has been used as the roofing material for a variety of training buildings.

Mark Tribble, the service’s Project Surveyor, has competitively chosen Metrotile for training construction roofs for nearly ten years.As Project Surveyor, Mr Tribble oversees the building of training facilities, seeking to make each suitable for as many training scenarios as possible. Mr Tribble states:

“We look at Metrotile in addition to alternative roofing products for specification on training buildings. Frequently chosen due to robustness under extremely tough trafficking by personnel and equipment, Metrotile has become a popular choice for training roofs at Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service”

Co-surveyor Richard Boxall is equally enthused by Metrotile:

“The material is ideal for our training roofs and the stone coating is great for underfoot grip during training exercises”.

The first Metrotile roof can be located at the STC (Service Training Centre) in Plympton on a live fire training and ladder drill building known as ‘The Doll’s House’. Metrotile roofs can also be found at six other stations including the Exeter HQ.If you are a Fire and Rescue Service surveyor that is interested in using Metrotile Roofing for training facilities, or if you are interested in using Metrotile for any roofing project, please contact Metrotile via

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Metrotile is a highly successful international manufacturer of lightweight steel roofing systems, distributing to over 60 countries worldwide. Just over a decade ago Metrotile established a presence in the UK and introduced the country to Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems of unmatched quality, backed by an industry leading 40 year guarantee.

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