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When you consider the roofing material of your home, there are many options available. In recent years, lightweight steel roofing has grown in popularity due to its strong sustainability and modern finish, overtaking more traditional roofing materials like slate, clay and concrete.

Here is all you need to know about lightweight steel roofing and how it can be the cost-effective solution.

Lightweight steel roofing tiles – A more viable option

The idea of using steel on roofs isn’t a new one, but the newest technology is more durable, thinner as well as extremely weather resistant. At just one seventh of the weight of equivalent slate or clay tiles, the transportation costs are similarly reduced. The latest state of the art technology is used in their production that means they are highlysustainable and very easy to install.

Metrotile offer Europe’s no.1 steel roofing tile which comes with a list of benefits that makes it worth considering for every roof.  The tiles are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, which means they can be installed on virtually any roof.  Their material offers an improved insulation for many properties and have the highest external fire resistance rating.

Once properly installed, these tiles have a 40-yearweatherproof guarantee and there is expert technical support on hand.  They are rigorouslytested in a Very High Wind Zone (VHWZ) – in this case, coastalregions of New Zealand where winds can reach 190kph.

The range on offer

Metrotile offer a high-quality range of durable lightweight steel products with a variety of colours to suit any roof. Here are some we currently offer:

Photovoltaic – With a highly innovative design enabling your rooftop tiles to generate energy from natural light, this product is not only cost effective, but also a sustainable addition to your property.

iPanel – These tiles have become a popular choice, creating a sleek aesthetic with a forty-year weatherproof guarantee policy.

Woodshake – With a cleverly traditional wooden design, Woodshake offers a natural aesthetic whilst providing excellent resistance to weather.

Modern rooftop solution

Steel roof tiles are a modern solution for roofing needs and have a strong sustainability component.  They use less timber framing seven times lighter than traditional roof tiles and due to their lightweight, transportation costs are reduced.  When their lifespan does end, metal tiles are 100% recyclable with no loss of quality.

Steel roof tiles from Metrotile, a Chippenham based company, are the cutting edge of roofing materials and offer all the benefits of traditional roofing with none of the drawbacks.  They have green credentials and come in variety of colours and styles. Metrotile offer a large range of lightweight roof tiles which are perfect for modular roofs.

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