Replace Your Roof Tiles to Increase Ventilation

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Accessories High FLow LG200 Vent

Why Ventilate? 

The primary reason is to minimise the effects of condensation. Moisture is released into the air by everyday human activities, from steamy cooking to the simple act of breathing. Outside factors such as the weather also contribute. Condensation then collects on any cool surface and over time can cause mould, rusting, and eventually lead to significant structural problems. On a personal level, having poor ventilation in the home or work environment can lead to a hot, uncomfortable atmosphere, and there is also anecdotal evidence of other problems such as breathing difficulties or poor concentration stemming from a poor air supply.


Basic Rooftop Ventilation Types

Warm air rises, carrying moisture with it, so ventilation in roofing is always important to release it where it would naturally collect – opening a window is not enough. You should consider both central vent tiles to allow the upwards escape of hot air, and eaves/fascia vents along the sides of the roof.

Warning Signs of Poor Ventilation

  • Blistering/ peeling of paint
  • Patches of mould/mildew/wetness
  • Ice inside the building structure in winter
  • Rust
  • Unexpectedly high energy usage – this is caused by extra trapped heat causing air conditioning to work harder in the summer, or when condensation drips onto insulation, which can reduce its shelf life and effectiveness
  • Sagging of roofs, insulation or whole ceilings can be caused by moisture damage

Replace Rather Than Rebuild 

The timely recognition of developing problems means that replacing the roofing can save your building, and minimise the overall impact on your wallet, before it’s too late. Installing a combination of roof vent accessories and tiles is most effective for the continuous through-flow of air. You can include a central vent on either side of the ridge that will blend aesthetically with our lightweight roof tiles along with an over fascia vent or a hip vent strip to allow a sideways air flow. This design will leave you with a well-ventilated roof that is also pest, dust and weather-proof.

Whatever the design of your roof, Metrotile can provide the roof tiles and vent accessories to convert or replace your existing ventilation system. Get in touch on 01249 658514 if you notice any of the warning signs to discuss a strategy for improving your building’s ventilation.