Solid Roof Conversions: For An All Year Conservatory!

solid roof conversion

It’s July and it’s safe to say we’re in the middle of yet another ‘mixed bag’ British summer this year. However, whatever the weather or season, those with Solid Roof Conservatory Conversions are always able to enjoy the extra space and comfort of their conservatories. 

Generally, when people picture a conservatory they picture the classic glass roof on top of it. This roofing can cause a ‘greenhouse effect’ on the hotter days of the year, making the conservatory too hot. The poor insulation offered by such a roof also means that the conservatory is an unfavored space in the winter, with any heat escaping via the roof. 

Solid roof conversions are the solution to these problems. Too cold in the winter? Lightweight steel roofing systems are light enough to be installed on the conservatory structure without causing damage, and also light enough to enable full insulation to be installed. This temperature regulation provided by the insulation ensures the conservatory remains an inhabitable space during the hot days too, and a Metrotile roof even allows accessories such as ventilation and Velux roof windows, in case you have concerns about the amount of natural light in the conservatory. 

To find out more about solid roof conversions, visit our conservatory page, and if you are considering upgrading your conservatory to a solid roof conversion, please get in touch and ask for details about a local certified installer. 

For more information regarding Metrotile Lightweight Roofing’s range, or to arrange your free no-obligation estimate, you can also contact us via and 01249 658514.