Why use lightweight tiles for your new build project?

Priory Lincoln Academies Refurbishment and New Build with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Bond in Brindle

If you’re building – or better still, designing – a new build project, it may be wise for you to consider using lightweight tiles. Lightweight roof tiles are not low-strength, nor are they lesser-featured in any way than conventional roof tiles. As this article will show, there are many advantages as to why use lightweight tiles for your new build project, not least efficiency and cost savings.


What are lightweight roof tiles?

It’s perhaps easier to explain what lightweight roof tiles are not first. Many people make the mistake of thinking of under-ceiling tiles, the type often used for insulation or false ceilings.

In this case, we’re discussing exterior roof tiles, usually lightweight steel roof tiles. ‘Traditional’ roof tiles are often manufactured from slate or clay, whilst steel roof tiles are now lighter, stronger and far more efficient and sustainable.


Stronger tiling

The strength of the steel is the secret ingredient that provides the strength, providing greater security and resistance to breakage, vandalism and inclement weather.

Galvanised with aluminium, magnesium and zinc (ZAM) compound and covered with a stone-chop coating, lightweight steel roofing tiles easily surpass traditional roof tiles on every performance metric.


Increased durability

Steel is pressed much thinner than traditional clay or slate tiles, thus providing a slimmer profile without sacrificing durability.

Thinner and lighter, yet more stronger, steel roof tiles last longer and better than traditional roof tiles.


Higher energy efficiency

Steel roof tiles have been proven to actually improve rainwater run-off, and due to low-weight factor they can be delivered to site in a far more cost effective and sustainable manner.

As steel roof tiles can lower temperatures in conservatories and rooms, they also are far more energy efficient than using excessive air conditioning for instance. Likewise, in cold weather, they are still as energy efficient in terms of insulation for keeping heat inside during cold weather.


Cost-effective roofing

Given the many benefits, it’s reasonable to presume that steel roof tiles may possibly be far more expensive than traditional roof tiles. The truth is, given the longer life span and increased efficiency – especially energy and insulation – lightweight roofing is not only low cost but also great value in the long run for building owners.


So if you’re designing or building a new build project, by considering using lightweight roof tiles you could provide a stronger, more efficient, more economic solution than by using traditional clay or slate roof tiles.

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