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The past few months have seen some exciting changes at Metrotile UK.

In December 2013, we launched our brand new website and grew its audience by more than 50%.


We enhanced a classic and introduced the Slate II profile as an update to the classic Slate.

Slate 2 Just a couple of weeks ago, we launched the first of our brand new series of video installation guides.


Continuing with the theme of new and exciting, we would like to welcome you to our new Blog. While our existing news room will continue to house our smaller press releases and news offerings, the Metrotile UK Blog will feature in-depth editorial from Metrotile and partners from third parties. From features about new building projects to technical engineering reports to day by day updates of installations, you will be able to find it here.   If you have relevant copy that you wish to add to our Blog, please contact Rory via roryscahill@me.com.   Thank you, we look forward to our upcoming editorials and hope you enjoy the content.