What does BBA certified mean?

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BBA stands for British Board of Agrément and is a certification within the construction industry, indicating a high quality, experienced and reliable company or product. A BBA status is highly regarded and used by manufacturers in the industry as a symbol of superiority.

BBA Ethos

The BBA is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year demonstrating a level of prestige and experience, which is a central ethos to BBA. It is one the UK’s leading governing bodies for the construction industry and provides approval, testing and certification within the sector. The scheme was brought into effect to ensure a reliable system and resource for high quality construction services and has become the go-to resource.

BBA in Construction

The BBA is typically utilised by installers and manufacturers to aid in the decision making process when choosing new products or installers to enlist. By choosing a BBA certified product or installer, it ensures cooperation with, and acceptance from, local councils, building authorities and insurance companies.

BBA Certification Process

To become a BBA certified installer or product, there are strict tests to assess the quality ranging from mechanical testing to durability to energy efficiency. The BBA will examine on-site procedures, conduct lab tests and inspect the quality before deciding on whether a Certification will be granted. They have undertaken over 2000 tests across 40 different product areas in certified labs all over the UK and Europe.

Metrotile’s BBA Certification

Metrotile is proud to have been awarded a BBA certification, confirming that our lightweight roofing is a high quality product that has withstood rigorous evaluations and tests. You can look up our BBA certification here or search by our certification number 07/4470.

If you’d like lightweight roof tiles backed up by an official quality scheme, call Metrotile on 01249 658 514 or you can contact us online and we will get back to you shortly.