PV Bracket


Suitable for:
Facilitating the installation of Solar Panels onto a Metrotile roof.

Key points

  • Suitable for Bond, Woodshake & Slate.9 profiles. Specialist PV Brackets available for other Metrotile profiles.
  • Allows for retro-fitting of PV panels to a Metrotile roof
  • Doesn't invalidate the Metrotile guarantee if using these brackets.

A durable, 2mm thick stainless steel bracket enable secure and easy installation of photovoltaic panels on a Metrotile roof system.

The brackets have been specially designed to be screwed into the rafter centres and sit between the lapping tiles without kicking-up the tiles; reducing the need to screw through the tiles, invalidating the guarantee.

Compatible with majority of Metrotile profiles and manufactured to the highest standards; other specialist brackets available for the Shingle & Roman profiles.

  • 8mm diameter hole for securing to bar
  • 50mm height
  • 80mm depth

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