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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs

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Metrotile is Europe’s No.1 choice for conservatory solid roof conversions

From small conservatory roofs to larger spaces on heritage homes, many people are finding that a Metrotile roof can turn what is traditionally a summertime space into an area that can be enjoyed all year round! Leading conservatory fabricators across the UK continually use Metrotile as a roofing material supplier while contractors are using Metrotile to convert existing conservatory roofs in a drive to keep home energy costs down. So, whether your project is a refurbishment or to be built from the ground up, Metrotile has it covered.

To see how you could benefit from a conservatory roof conversion, fill in our contact form or give our team a call on 01249 658514.

Lightweight steel conservatory roofing

As a Metrotile roof weighs up to one seventh of ‘traditional’ roofing materials, a uPVC frame conservatory is now able to have a Metrotile roof installed upon it without posing a risk to the existing structure. From Rafters and VPU for insulation to double glazed Velux windows for natural light, a Metrotile tiled roof makes this all possible and means you don’t lose the space of your conservatory to the cold, winter months. With a Metrotile conservatory roof conversion, keeping the sliding doors sealed shut through the winter is a thing of the past.

Improved insulation for the space

It’s no secret that UK energy prices have been increasing annually, squeezing UK residents out of more money in exchange for less energy. A Metrotile solid conservatory roof replacement can drastically improve the insulation and increase energy efficiency. This means you can keep your home warm at less expense while ensuring less of the money spent on energy is wasted. Building regulations state that you don’t need planning permission to replace your conservatory roof, making it a simple solution to saving money in the long run.

Low pitch roofing

When constructing your new conservatory or orangery, it’s important to give some clearance between the conservatory roofing and the upstairs windows of your home. Metrotile low pitch roof tiles can be installed as low as 10° which accounts for any windows above your home, giving leeway while matching the rest of your home exterior. To find out more about a conservatory roof replacement, get in touch with Metrotile by calling us on 01249 658 514 or you can get a free no-obligation quote by filling in this estimate form.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has achieved the maximum fire rating for external roofs:

BS 476-3: 2004 – Fire test on building materials and structures – Part 3: Classification and methods of test for external fire exposure to roofs.
Rating achieved: EXT.S.AA For full details, please download the fact sheet from the box on the right of this page.

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is a non-profit organisation that helps to ensure UK homes are of a habitable standard. They have produced their own guidance on the installation of a Conservatory Solid Roof entitled LABC’s Guidance on Solid Roofs to Conservatories or Porches Attached to Dwellings. You can download this document via the panel on the right of this page or visit for more information. Metrotile roofing tiles are now LABC Registered.

If you have an existing conservatory that you wish to enhance with a Metrotile roof, contact us today for a free estimate. We will also be able to put you in touch with approved contractors, or offer planning advice if you are taking the DIY route. You can also download relevant literature from the sidebar including case studies and our Conservatory Roofing eGuide. For further information, or a free no-obligation quotation, fill in our online contact form. Alternatively, call us from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri on 01249 658 514.


Why you should use Metrotile for your conservatory roof

  • Insulation can be significantly improved, reducing home energy bills
  • Proper insulation means it won't be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter
  • Traditional roof benefits without the strain on structure and foundations
  • Highly secure against vandalism and extreme weather
  • Highest external fire resistance rating
  • Velux windows and ventilation systems easily incorporated
  • Low weight ensures rapid installation
  • 40 year weatherproof guarantee
  • Highly experienced customer support
  • Stunning aesthetics with a range of colours and styles to match your home


Is your conservatory achieving its potential? A great conservatory should be an asset to your home all year round, but all too often they are only usable for limited periods of the year. Our complete guide tells you everything you need to know, from planning to post-installation!

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The Full Metrotile Range

Tile Profiles

From our highly durable lightweight steel roofing tile profiles to underlay, accessories and fixings, you’ll find everything your roofing project needs right here. Metrotile is also an authorised dealer of Velux window products, ensuring that you can source absolutely everything your roof requires directly from us!

We stock our profiles with a wide range of colours designed to suit most roofing projects, however we can supply Metrotile roofing in any colour you choose (subject to additional delivery time). If you wish to discuss this - or anything else about our products and services - you can contact us.