Building Types



Building Types

Whether you’re looking to build a new extension on your home or replace your existing extension roof, Metrotile is the leading supplier of lightweight steel roofing and is often chosen for these projects.

Our lightweight roofing is seven times lighter than traditional roofing products, which poses no risk to the foundations of an extension which can sometimes be less supportive than a typical home’s foundations. With our 40 year weather-proof guarantee, your extension roof will stand the test of time while matching with your home seamlessly.

Low pitch roofing

House extensions are often fitted with flat roofing to avoid upstairs windows however flat roofing deteriorates quickly and can cause leaking and damage to your extension interior. Metrotile’s roofing can be installed at a pitch as low as 10° which is the lowest degree pitch on the roofing market. This makes Metrotile’s low pitch roof tiles ideal for extensions, giving clearance between the extension and any upstairs windows in your home.

Roofing aesthetics

It’s important that your extension matches the rest of your home, while providing added space and value. Our steel roofing comes in a range of colours, finishes and styles to suit the rest of your home with ease.

We ensure that your new extension seamlessly blends in with your home aesthetic rather than an obvious add-on. With the added life expectancy of a Metrotile roof, your extension will provide a safe and secure extra room in your home for years to come. Fill in our form for a free no-obligation quote or alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team by calling us on 01249 658 514.

Why Metrotile is the Number One Choice for Extension Roofing:

  • Improved protection against vandalism and harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight so no strain on structure or foundations
  • Fast installation
  • Highest possible external fire resistance rating
  • Velux windows and ventilation systems available
  • Can be installed as low as 10° pitch
  • 40 year weather-proof guarantee
  • Customer support team available
  • Range of styles and colours for stunning aesthetics
  • Unparalleled strength and durability


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The Full Metrotile Range

Tile Profiles

From our highly durable lightweight steel roofing tile profiles to underlay, accessories and fixings, you’ll find everything your roofing project needs right here. Metrotile is also an authorised dealer of Velux window products, ensuring that you can source absolutely everything your roof requires directly from us!

We stock our profiles with a wide range of colours designed to suit most roofing projects, however we can supply Metrotile roofing in any colour you choose (subject to additional delivery time). If you wish to discuss this - or anything else about our products and services - you can contact us.