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Metrotile has demonstrated time and time again that it is the perfect roof system for niche projects, thanks to the many benefits that stem from the low-weight, highly durable roofing material.  The Future Proof Roof can be found on many roofing for specialist building projects; Metrotile Bond adorns many of the training towers for Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, due to easiness of installation and the underfoot grip the stone coating offers training personnel. Metrotile Slate can be found on the innovative Fair Isle Bird Observatory, where the low weight system proved to be idea for the factory build modules that the building comprises of. The same project also took advantage of the Metrotile Photovoltaic System. Meanwhile, similar benefits ensured Metrotile became the roof for a pilot scheme of factory build local authority homes in Blackburn, while a leisure building fabricator in Wales uses Metrotile as an optional finish for their successful and innovative Log Pod leisure and office transportable buildings. So if you believe your roofing project is niche, consider Metrotile as your problem solver. Many satisfied customers have done so and will continue to do so - the Forty Year Guarantee is just the icing on the cake. If you are a specifier looking to use Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing for any roofing project, contact us for a free estimate. For further details about our work with the above projects, see the links in the sidebar for downloadable Case Studies or visit our Case Study page.