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Roofing for Non-traditional Housing

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There are many ‘non-traditional’ homes throughout the UK, including (but not limited to) BISFs, Cornish Units and Hawksley Bungalows.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has been specified for many roofing for non-traditional housing refurbishment projects, as the system offers a vast amount of benefits such extra security, a significant reduction of strain on supporting structures and stunning aesthetics.

Metrotile roofing is selected for such refurbishments for a vast selection of reasons, may revolving around each tile profile’s weight, which is up to just one seventh of traditional roof tiles. This means the frames of non-traditional housing, made from weaker materials that were originally installed as a temporary housing solution with low life expectancy, can now withstand a roof material that improves security, sustainability, insulation and aesthetics. Metrotile is often used to bring these old properties into the modern era and up to Government housing standards.

Metrotile is frequently specified as roofing for non-traditional housing projects by Local Authorities and Housing Associations that have non-traditional homes in their stock, to bring the homes up to national standards. Metrotile's client list includes such authorities as New Charter Housing Trust, Tarka Housing, Bristol City Council and Tai Calon Housing Association.

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