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Offsite and Modular Buildings

Offsite and Modular Buildings

Building Types

At Metrotile we often emphasise the importance of our roofing’s many benefits, the core of which is the unsurpassed strength and low weight offered by the highest drawing grade steel our tiles are pressed from.The low weight – just one seventh of so-called traditional roof tiles such as slate or clay – of each Metrotile profile  is ideal for factory-built modular housing as it helps to keep the overall weight down during the transportation process and places significantly less pressure on the supporting frame and foundations without compromising security or aesthetics. 


These benefits have not gone unnoticed by the modular home building industry and Metrotile is now the proud roofing material supplier for various UK-based modular fabricators. 

Modular housing has significant potential to alleviate the affordable housing shortage. Because modular homes are made in a factory, they take a lot less time than other types of homes. In fact, a standard property can be built in as little as 1-2 weeks. Modular homes can install at a rate of up to six houses per day – much faster than traditionally built properties. Another big advantage is that the weather doesn’t stop the work – it can be raining or snowing, and the factory can continue to produce the home, while work on site would have to stop. 

Once the home is constructed, it usually takes another 2-4 weeks for the builder to put everything together once it reaches the site. It’s during this part that the low weight of Metrotile really comes into its own, helping to keep the weight of the building down during transportation before offering all of the benefits Metrotile is known for once the houses are fully installed. Continuing along the theme of constantly improving our services, Metrotile is also amember of the MPBA (Modular & Portable Building Association) and the Offsite Alliance. to ensure further peace of mind for factory-build specifiers. 

Metrotile offers an expansive range of tile profile styles and colours, with a full range of accessories to ensure they have the right roof for your project. This is all backed up by the know-how of our highly experienced customer care team. For more information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, or to get in touch for a free no-obligation quote please CONTACT US. 

  • The low weight of a Metrotile roof makes the product ideal for modular factory build projects
  • Metrotile has been installed on modular homes from fabricators such as Cygnus and Ilke
  • Metrotile’s low weight ensures easy transportation to site and reduced weight on foundations post-installation
  • Rigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism
  • Expert technical support and specification service on hand
  • Highest possible external fire resistance rating
  • 40 Year weatherproof guarantee
  • Stunning aesthetics

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The Full Metrotile Range

Tile Profiles

From our highly durable lightweight steel roofing tile profiles to underlay, accessories and fixings, you’ll find everything your roofing project needs right here. Metrotile is also an authorised dealer of Velux window products, ensuring that you can source absolutely everything your roof requires directly from us!

We stock our profiles with a wide range of colours designed to suit most roofing projects, however we can supply Metrotile roofing in any colour you choose (subject to additional delivery time). If you wish to discuss this - or anything else about our products and services - you can contact us.